Translating and Interpreting in the time of Coronavirus

These last few months have been unique and unforgettable for all of us, they have had an impact on our lives, forcing us to adapt as much as possible to this pandemic.

Meetings, conferences and assemblies that used to take place live, face-to-face and on site, are now taking place remotely, thanks to Skype, Zoom or other similar platforms. Where an interpreter was needed on site to simultaneously translate the exchanges between participants who do not speak the same language, today the interpreter intervenes remotely.

For those who, like me, already had experience in remote interpreting (simultaneous with video or consecutive with video or audio only), the transition was neither violent nor traumatic.

Recently, I had the opportunity to remotely interpret several events simultaneously, in French or in the Italian booth, including one for a multinational company in the field of video surveillance and computer security, in the middle of the lockdown due to Coronavirus (COVID-19) with on-line participants from all over the world. Then, it was mainly about interpreting work meetings on urgent subjects or for hospitals, doctors, health centres for emergency visits or by appointment, even with patients who tested positive for Coronavirus, asymptomatic or with the classic symptoms we all know (cough, difficulty breathing, fever…).

If you need an interpreter for your conference, assembly, meeting or simply for a professional call, do not hesitate to contact me. Thanks to my experience and dedicated technical tools (broadband connection, professional microphone and headphones, dedicated web and phone platform), I will be able to provide you with the necessary linguistic assistance so that there are no more language barriers between you and your interlocutor.

Here is the testimony/feedback of an English client who used my services to inform the French insurance company of the burglary committed in his second residence in France, where he could not go precisely because of the travel restrictions imposed by the authorities due to the coronavirus.


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